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Fast. Simple. Secure.

Welcome to the Designs In Life Support Center

We want to make sure you're getting the most out of the tools we provide. That's why we provide a secure, web-based screen sharing utility to assist you when problems come up. Just follow the simple 3 step process below to get started.

  • Step 1
    Call you're Marketing Manager or Case Manager and request support.
    (You'll need to stay on the phone during the support session.)
  • Step 2
    Click the 'REMOTE SUPPORT' button below and select RUN when prompted.
    (We recommend you use Internet Explorer.)
  • Step 3
    Click the 'Show My PC Now' button when the program starts & read the password your representative.
    (If prompted with firewall rules - press ALLOW or UNBLOCK.)


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this really safe?
    YES! We use SSH encryption to secure all communications between your computer and ours.
  • Will you be able to see my computer anytime?
    NO! We generate a One-Use password for the session. We won't be able to connect again without you generating a new password.
  • Can you see my passwords?
    NO! We see exactly what you see. We do not have the ability to see your passwords, provided that the application you are using replaced the characters with asterisk or bullet symbols.
  • Can you record our remote session for later viewing?
    NO! We do not have the ability to record the remote session.
  • Can I still see the screen when we are connected?
    YES! You will retain full control over your computer during the session.
  • What if our phone call gets disconnected?
    Should the phone call get disconnected, we will attempt to call you back. If we are unable to reach you we will disconnect the remote session and wait for you to contact us and request a new remote session.